At Hamburg Veterinary Clinic, our pet care services are designed to cover all the necessary bases, and include the ability to run more advanced procedures with certainty and reliability. Our professional facility gives patients access to some of the finest veterinary technology available.  Services available to your pet include:

Preventive Medicine & Pet Wellness

  • Vaccinations, immunizations, flea and tick control, and Lyme disease prevention are all good preventive health care measures we regularly take to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy at every stage of life.
  • Our veterinarians provide owner consultation to help establish an appropriate wellness regimen for your dog or cat in accordance with his or her own unique set of needs and risks.
  • We also work with you to find the best foods for your pet’s individual lifestyle, start them on a healthy routine, and even offer advice on pet ownership with information on houseplant safety, housebreaking tips for new puppies and kittens, and more.

Internal Medicine & Veterinary Diagnostics

  • Advanced patient observation equipment such as digital X-ray and ultrasound administered by certified specialists.
  • Our veterinarians work to examine the internal systems and processes of your pet’s body to detect and treat problems with accuracy. 
  • An in-house laboratory gives us the ability to run many diagnostic tests including complete blood work, urinalysis, and other specialty testing quickly and with the highest degree of control possible.

Preanesthetic Testing

As in human medicine, the anesthetics available for anesthetizing our companion pets are extremely safe. As a result, the anesthetic risk is greatly minimized when a "healthy" pet is placed under anesthesia. However, if your pet is not "healthy," complications can occur both during and after the anesthetic procedure. Therefore, in order to minimize potential risk associated with anesthesia , it is vital for us to know the complete health status of your pet before placing him or her under anesthesia.

Prior to anesthesia, we will obtain a complete history and perform a detailed physical exam on your pet. While a history and physical exam provide us with important information about your pet's health, it is impossible to understand the complete physiological picture without performing other tests.

In most cases, if a pet appears "healthy" based on history and physical exam, an anesthetic procedure will be uneventful. However, unlike humans, pets cannot tell us when they do not feel well. And as a result of animals' instinct to protect themselves, often times sick pets will "hide" their illness. Therefore, an animal's appearance of health may be misleading. For example, a pet can lose up to 75% of kidney function prior to showing any signs of illness. To understand your pet's "overall" health it is crucial to derive additional information through testing prior to anesthesia.

If the results of the pre-anesthetic tests are within normal ranges, we can proceed with confidence knowing the anesthetic risk is minimized. On the other hand, if the results are not within the normal ranges, we may alter the anesthetic procedure. In some cases, we may proceed as planned, yet provide medical support during and after the procedure to ensure your pet's health. In other cases, the test abnormalities may be significant enough to postpone the procedure in order to monitor and medically treat your pet.

Although performing these tests cannot guarantee the absence of complications, it can significantly minimize the risk to your pet and provide you and us with peace of mind.

If you have any questions, please talk to your veterinarian.

You may download our preanesthetic consent form here and fill it out at home before coming in, which can save you some time in the waiting room.

Veterinary Surgery

  • Hamburg Veterinary Clinic’s professional veterinarians and technicians are trained in routine and advanced surgery for dogs and cats. 
  • We offer spaying and neutering, as well as a range of soft-tissue surgical procedures and small animal orthopedic surgeries. 
  • All surgical patients are screened prior to entering the operating room using pre-procedural blood work and are closely monitored from the time anesthesia is first administered through to the post-op stage. 

In all that we provide, you can expect the highest levels of detail and attention to your pet’s individual needs.  Our staff is committed to ensuring your satisfaction, with a dedication to quality care that stems from a lifelong love of animals.  Please contact us for more information on our veterinary care services for cats and dogs.

Hamburg Veterinary Clinic

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