At Hamburg Veterinary Clinic, our pet care services are designed to cover all the necessary bases, and include the ability to run more advanced procedures with certainty and reliability. Our professional facility gives patients access to some of the finest veterinary technology available.  Services available to your pet include:

General Medicine & Surgery — We offer a full range of general and preventative medical services. These include diagnosis of illnesses and diseases as well as vaccines and wellness testing. Surgical services include spaying, neutering, mass removal as well as most soft tissue and orthopedic procedures.

Dentistry — We offer routine teeth cleaning, fluoride and dental sealant treatments, extractions, and most types of oral surgery.

General Orthopedic surgery — At our hospital, we offer extracapsular anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) repair procedures. We also offer long-bone fracture repair using external fixation, femoral head/neck excision, correction of patella luxation and many other procedures depending on the case.

Nutritional Consultation — We offer a variety of Veterinary Diets sold by prescription to help manage your pets health needs. They include Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet and Purina. We are here for you for guidance for your pets diet for every stage of its life.

Behavior Counseling — Our veterinarians are here for you if your pet has a behavioral problem. They will work with you to teach you behavioral modification techniques or refer you in the right direction to help solve your concerns.

Digital Radiology Services — Our clinic offers cutting edge digital radiography-which allows us to get high quality images in seconds to aid in the diagnose your pets problems faster and more accurately.

Ultrasound — We have expanded our diagnostic services to include an ultrasound to help diagnose health problems that are not clear on our digital radiography.

Full laboratory Capabilities (in conjunction with Antech Labs) — Our in house laboratory offers state of the art equipment to help diagnose many of our patients health problems. We also work in conjunction with Antech labs for additional testing if needed to get you the results your pets need.

Drop off service for busy households — We offer a convenient drop off service which you can schedule during your work week to drop your pet off for a service and have everything completed before you pick up. This is a service that must be scheduled.

Microchip Identification — We offer microchip implantation for your pet to increase the chances of return if your pet should ever get lost. We scan every stray animal that enters our clinic to increase the rate of return.

New Pet Counseling — Expecting a new pet soon or recently acquired a new pet? Come to us and we'll answer all the questions you have and give you all the information you need to raise and maintain a happy, healthy pet.

Laser Therapy — We are proud to announce the arrival of our Companion class IV Therapy laser which is a high-tech phototherapy biostimulation device exclusively for companion animals. This device uses precise light stimulation for injuries and lesions to stimulate tissue repair and cell growth, reduces inflammation, offers pain relief (for both acute and chronic) improves circulation, improves nerve function, and much much more. Our therapeutic laser is also used for ear infections, post-op surgeries, lick granulomas, arthritis, paralysis, bone fracture, back injuries, and soft tissue trauma.

Laser Surgery — Our clinic also has available a 15 watt surgical laser for all surgeries deemed necessary. Using this laser allows for faster healing times, decrease in bleeding, inflammation, and pain.

Hamburg Veterinary Clinic

“They are fantastic, highly professional, caring and always take their time with the animals. I would send everyone to them.

Katelyn P